Kimberly Byrd was the first female Executive Officer within the police department of the City of Philadelphia.

Kimberly has had a rewarding twenty years of serving the CPPD. Her determination and dedication have greatly contributed to the Police Department’s effectiveness with service to the community.

During her time at the Police Department, Kimberly demonstrated a strong and resilient work ethic, as well as a passion for community involvement. Kimberly quickly gained a deeper understanding of the aspects of law enforcement and the effects on quality of life within the community.

As Executive Officer, Kimberly created programs, community outreach groups, and started a foundation for a former fallen officer. Kimberly has always been involved with helping women in the community and during her tenure, she employed young women to occupy the clerical roles within her office. Kimberly would help develop the young women under her watch by teaching them office etiquette, taking care of their needs, and offering them valuable life experiences that which they might have not experienced otherwise.

Ms. Kimberly Byrd is the founder of the Vaird Foundation, a non-profit organization manifested in memory of Police Officer Lauretha Vaird #5897. The foundation was founded under the former Police Commissioner, Sylvester M. Johnson and established in 2007 in memory of Lauretha. Police Officer Lauretha Vaird was the only female officer to be killed in combat during a line of duty in the history of the Philadelphia Police department. The main mission of the Vaird Foundation is to empower and mentor youth by helping them building character, life-long skills, and self respect, all while honoring Officer Vaird and ensuring her legacy lives on.

Kimberly Byrd is known within her community to be extremely involved and committed to improvement and service. During her time at the Police Department and being a female officer in itself, Kimberly learned how to stay strong and reach her dreams. Kimberly now dedicates herself to helping young women develop their own talents and achieve their own dreams, as she sees her own empowering experiences a valuable tool to teach others. While Kimberly was serving as Executive officer, she mentored countless youth through many various organizations such as the Organized Anti-Crime Community Network (OACCN), the Honickman Center, and Mothers In Charge. Kimberly also helped create and introduce law enforcement curriculum to school students at West Philadelphia High School called the Law Enforcement Youth Program.

Kimberly Byrd is a strong, dedicated woman, passionate about service to the community in hopes of harboring a safer, development-focused environment for youth.