As technology develops and society adapts to new inventions and ways of communicating with each other, we are brought further into the future and the realm of possibilities widens more and more with newer technology.

One demographic that I feel does not get recognized enough for their accomplishments when it comes to inventing and innovation, are Black Women.

I was thinking about it and decided to write this blog post, highlighting some of the most important and influential black female inventors that I wish more people were familiar with!

Without further ado, here they are:

Madam C. J. Walker

madam cj walker kimberly byrd

  • Invented hair care products for African American women
  • Traveled across the country promoting and sharing her brand herself
  • Became one of the first self-made, female millionaires in America

Dr. Patricia Bath

dr patricia bath kimberly byrd

  • Invented the Laserphaco Probe (less invasive, safer method of removing cataracts from eyes
  • First black woman to secure a medical patent, 1988

Alice Ball

alice ball kimberly byrd

  • Chemist
  • Developed injectable oil to treat leprosy (most effective treatment until the 1940s)

Janet Emerson Bashen

janet emerson bashen

  • Developed and patented a software program to aid with web-based equal employment opportunities
  • Founded a human resource consulting firm, Bashen Corporation, dealing in the same field

Marie Van Brittan Brown

marie van brittan brown kimberly byrd

  • Inventor of the first closed circuit TV security system, 1966

Sarah Boone

sarah boone kimberly byrd

  • Redesigned the ironing board, making it easier to iron the sleeves and bodies of female clothing.