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Obama’s ‘First Job’ presented by Kimberly Byrd

Kimberly Byrd presents: The YIM Model

The Youth-Initiated Mentoring (YIM) model has been proven to work and influence young people extremely effectively. It aims to provide young people with a sense of power – choosing a mentor for themselves – and gaining control over their own fortune and circumstance while gaining guidance from a reliable and dedicated mentor whom the young […]

Dove: Self-Esteem

Dove is an influential advocate for young women’s self-esteem. Here is another great video from their campaign.


The brand Dove has been supporting and empowering women and young girls through their ever growing Self Esteem Project. Their mission is to encourage positive body image in females of all ages while also encouraging education. Since 2004 Dove has reached 17 million girls and helped them develop a positive relationship with their appearance and […]

Empowering Young Women

The video below is an inspirational message to women everywhere. We need to make sure our children are being empowered and prepared for their future so we can ensure a happier place for everyone. When women are confident, self-assured, and supported fully by communities – Great things happen!

Mentoring Young Women is of Utmost Importance

It’s no secret: When growth and empowerment of young women and girls is supported by everyone, quality of life is raised across the board. Women are an integral part of society. Keep them happy, confident, and self-assured, and businesses, homes, and communities will benefit. There are very strong organizations that help increase support for growing […]

Philanthropy: Child’s Play

The seed of philanthropy can take root at anytime in a person’s life, but to foster its growth from a young age makes for deeper, stronger roots. Teaching our children the importance of giving, charity, and philanthropy is one of the few ways we can guarantee a brighter future, and The Foundation for MetroWest is […]


With social media granting unprecedented access to the young and old, some have found it in their heart to use this tool for the good of the community. Awareness of social issues can spread wider and faster than previously imaginable, gaining traction from millions of viewers in a fraction of the time it would’ve taken […]

Philanthropy: The Importance of Starting Young

There are some pretty amazing kids out there. Brett Mezrow, a fifth grader from Radnor became very frustrated when his best friend was diagnosed with cancer. The type of cancer is called mitochondrial disease and it is serials underfunded as not a lot of people are aware of its existence. Brett’s best friend, Niels Strautnieks, […]

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