mentor board kimberly byrd

The Youth-Initiated Mentoring (YIM) model has been proven to work and influence young people extremely effectively. It aims to provide young people with a sense of power – choosing a mentor for themselves – and gaining control over their own fortune and circumstance while gaining guidance from a reliable and dedicated mentor whom the young person knows and has a pre-existing connection with.

So what is the YIM Model? Here are the five key strengths of YIM:

  • High Retention: Mentor and mentee relations are less likely to fail due to the nature of the pre-existing connection
  • Strong Relationships: Likelihood of the relationships lasting longer than a year is far greater.
  • Connection to Community Support: Through their mentor, the mentee will make connections with other adults and good influences through the mentor’s connections in their community, expanding the mentee’s support network.
  • Successful Outcomes: The close connection between the mentor and mentee encourages good behavior even beyond the relationship – slipping over into other facets of the mentee’s life.
  • Increased Efficiency: Since the mentee selects their mentor from their own pool of responsible adults and influencers, there is no recruitment costs for a YIM program and more time can be allocated to other needs.

Through YIM, a mentorship program is able to tap in to many resources through the mentee’s referrals (mentors) especially in cases when the mentees or their families are difficult to reach or communicate with.

The Importance of communication is essential to the success of a mentoring program. Without consistent and transparent communication and discussion, the likelihood of the program being a success is diminished.

Being mentored by someone you are already familiar with and have respect for is much stronger and more meaningful than trying to adhere to advice and guidance from someone you are not entirely comfortable with and trust.