A Philadelphia Police Department Initiative

The Vaird Foundation is a non-profit foundation created in memory of Police Officer Lauretha Vaird #5897.
The Vaird Foundation is a law enforcement initiative which was created under the outstanding leadership of former Police Commissioner Sylvester M. Johnson and establish in 2007 in memory of the City of Philadelphia Police Department’s fallen hero, Police Officer Lauretha Vaird #5897 who is the only female in the history of the Philadelphia Police Department to be killed in actual combat in the line of duty. Our mission is to ensure that Police Officer Lauretha Vaird’s memory is kept alive and well in the hearts and minds of young men and women. The Vaird Foundations primary goal is to ensure that an investment is made in students through mentoring, providing college assistance awards and developing programs such as the “My Life Roundtables” programs, etc. All of us who remember Officer Vaird as a great role model, as well as, her strong commitment to fellow officers, young people and the citizens of Philadelphia.

The Vaird Foundation has put together a series of programs that exemplify the heart and soul of Police Officer Lauretha Vaird #5897 everyday in everyway prior to her tragic death.

The Vaird Foundation believes that we must teach and encourage our youth with real life experiences that are built around projects that they can relate to and apply to everyday life. Our programs focus on empowering young adults, building character, self respect, self esteem, self dignity, unity and partnerships. Our students have a unique opportunity to learn about law enforcement and intermingle with our many partners such as, DEA, FBI, Pennsylvania State Police, etc., discuss life issues, career opportunities, as well as, to enhance their critical thinking skills, all of which are necessary to overcome life many obstacles as they strive to become good citizens and think positively about their futures. The Vaird Foundation is supported by law enforcement officers retired, active, community leaders and volunteers and our law enforcement partners such as, DEA, FBI, Secret Service, Pennsylvania State Police, etc.

The Vaird Foundations mission is to ensure that our commitment to the students is ever present and the ongoing memory of Police Officer Lauretha Vaird’s #5897 remains alive and well.

Here is a look at the programs that we offer:

Police Officer Lauretha Vaird #5897 – College Assistance Award
“Adopt a School” Program
Homework Help Programs
Mentoring Program
Youth Roundtables